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MBA Trading & Capital Investment: How to Get Back Your Capital from MBA Forex

Are you one of the investors who invested in MBA Trading and Capital Investment? Do you need guidelines on How to Get Back Your Capital from MBA Forex? If yes, this post is for you.


For the past few months, those who invested in MBA Trading and Capital Investment have been looking for solutions on how they can get back their capital or transfer their capital.

Here, we will give you the step by step guidelines on how you can withdraw or transfer your capital from MBA Forex.

How to Get Back Your Capital from MBA Trading & Capital Investment

To get a capital refund from MBA Forex, please carefully follow the guidelines below;

  • Visit MBA Forex official website
  • Upload your statement of account from when you started your Investment with MBA Forex to the month of October 2020.
  • Upload any means of identification (NEPA bill, National Identity card or Driver license, etc).
  • Wait for your turn to get back your capital from MBA Trading and Capital Investment Limited.

Note, before you conclude plans to withdraw your capital from MBA Forex, there are things you need to know.

As part of the ongoing resolution of challenges and repositioning to meet the yearnings of investors, MBA trading and capital investment limited have explored several collaborations and synergies with multiple organizations to introduce men in business thrift and credit cooperative limited (MIBAC).

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This means that investors who wish not to get back their capital can also transfer all their portfolios to MIBAC.

Kindly note that transferring your portfolio to MIBAC is completely optional. If you do not wish to migrate, MBA will retain you and your capital will be duly refunded as earlier promised.

Subsequent correspondence on the migration and integration will be from MIBAC who will confirm to you their modalities for seamless assimilation.

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