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How To View Your NPOWER Batch C Test Result On NASIMS Portal

Are you looking for guidelines on How To View Your NPOWER Batch C Test Result On the NASIMS Portal? If yes, this post is really for you. Please carefully read through to avoid making any mistakes.



We have received numerous requests from NPower batch C applicants, looking for legit information on how they can see their test results on NASIMS portal after taking the NPower batch C Test.

Questions like;

  • How can I View my NPower Batch C Test Result?
  • Where can I see my NPower Test Result on the NASIMS portal?
  • How do I know if I scored high in my NPower Test?
  • Will I be shortlisted after taking my NPower test as batch C beneficiary? Etc.

Above are the questions we have received so far from Npower batch C applicants who are looking for answers to different questions.

If you are among the applicants who really need answers to these questions, worry no more because the answers you seek are all here.

We are pleased to inform you that Npower have removed the take test button and added View Test Result for Npower batch C Applicants who have successfully taken their test on nasims portal.

This is good news for Npower Applicants who were unable to see their results and are asking for ways to see their test result.

How To View Your Npower Test Result On NASIMS Portal:

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To check your Npower test result, please carefully follow the guidelines below;

1) Visit https://www.nasims.gov.ng and login to your dashboard


2) Click on the view test result button. You will receive a pop-up message on your screen showing your NPower test score.

Note: if you have taken the test and the view test button has not appeared on your profile yet, be patient it will appear. They might be updating it one after the other.


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