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How to Successfully Apply for CBN Covid-19 Targeted Credit Facility Loan without BVN Wahala

Are you finding it very difficult to Apply for the ongoing CBN Covid-19 Targeted Credit Facility Loan? If yes, worry no more because this post is for you.


We have received numerous requests from applicants who want to apply for the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN Covid-19 Loan, looking for legit information on how they can apply successfully.

Questions like;

  • How can I successfully Apply for CBN Covid-19 loan?
  • What is the website for CBN Covid-19 Loan?
  • Why are they saying Connection error or invalid BVN in the NMFB portal?
  • How can I Validate my BVN On the NIRSAL Portal? Etc.

Above are most of the questions we’ve received so far from applicants who are trying to apply for the ongoing CBN Covid-19 Targeted Credit Facility loan.

If you’re among the persons facing these issues, please we advise you carefully go through this post for we have carefully explained thoroughly how you can successfully apply for the CBN COVID-19 Loan without any mistake or BVN Wahala.

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How to Successfully Apply for CBN Covid-19 Targeted Credit Facility Loan without BVN Wahala

Your application reference number will pop, kindly write it down or screenshot it. It will be required when you try to login to check the progress of your loan application.

  • Click on Continue to proceed and then NEXT

A new page will open, requesting you to fill your personal information, this includes, your bvn, names, state of origin etc.


Note, do not fill your BVN immediately. Kindly fill your state of residence, enter your email, confirm your email, enter your marital status, phone number and then answer the rest of questions you are allowed to answer.

At this stage, you will notice that you cant still edit your name, gender and state of birth, kindly ignore and go ahead and fill in your BVN. Your BVN should be the last section to fill. One thing you must note, the page must refresh or reload just before you input your BVN, it must be after inserting your BVN, then click next to continue.

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In a more clear terms ” Answer all the questions u were given access to. Then u input your BVN and press next on your keyboard. This will boot the BVN and once your BVN is verified, all those columns which u couldn’t access will automatically fill itself”.

Click next to continue, if the page doesn’t move further, reload the page and try these steps again, but i am totally sure it will move to the next step.

Once the next stage is open, make sure the information you provided are correct before submitting your application.

That’s all

Congratulations in advance…

If you need us to help you with more updated information about CBN Covid-19 Targeted Credit Facility Loan, kindly feel free to ask any question in the comment box below. You can also provide us your phone number or email Address for more updates.


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